Dayton, Ohio podcaster Justin Bailey created the Code of Character podcast in 2017. “We all agree that society has lots of problems, lots of complex problems with no decisive answers that we all seem too agree upon.Whether or not “the goodwill days” ever existed doesn’t matter. What does matter is where we are now and where we are going from here. We are at a point in history where we have the resources and the means to communication to affect change on a global level.

“I am proposing a grass roots “Man Up” approach. Building a community of men together that crosses religious, political, and ethnic boundaries that focuses on mutual values, faith in one another, and a commitment to building up each other and future generations toward building a society of excellent me. Men that are able to communicate with one another about real life and intercede on behalf of each other when life is tough”

He stopped by DATV to chat with Izzy Rock.

The Code:

My actions honor my vision

My vision reflects my values

My brotherhood shares my mission

Code of Character closed group 4.7k members

#1 Podcast origin story

#2 Background

#3 What did your childhood smell like?

#4 What tools are needed to become a person of character?

#5 Most memorable concert or sporting event

#6 What ways would you change the character of Dayton?

#7 What places would you tell people to visit if they were visiting Dayton?

#8 Toughest part of Fatherhood?

Thanks to Justin Bailey for being our guest on episode 609, we featured Dayton band, Nasty Bingo with the song, A New to close out the show.
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