Valentino Halton aka Tino is a rapper from Cleveland who has called Dayton, Ohio home in recent years. He has made waves by releasing local classics The Odyssey (2012), Friendly Reminder (2013), and Forget Me Not (2014). Tino is set to release From Ohio With Love at Blind Bob’s on Friday, July 27, 2018 with Moira, Old Game from Pittsburgh, and Tino’s punk band Sidekick Complex.

Tino was previously a guest on episode 47:, and episode 78:

In this episode we discuss his recent vacation in California, what his childhood smelled like, memorable concert and sporting event, ghostwriters in rap, the seven song album trend, cultural appropriation, culture vultures, Blind Bob’s food and drinks, 

local musicians Enzo, Juny D, Moira, and the web series Hot and Bothered by Leah Byrd.

This episode is brought to you by Paige Beller’s new album Space Cadet and Time Warp Toys and Collectibles 20 W. Main St. Fairborn, Ohio Tuesday-Saturday noon-7pm

#1 Energy

#2 Black Friday

#3 The Ohioan (Nick Testa Remix)

#4 Summertime

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