Scott Ervin is the Kid Whisperer. He is joined by host/producer Izzy Rock (Co-Host/Producer for Gem City Podcast, a podcast all about Dayton, Ohio and the surrounding area) 

The catch is, Scott doesn’t know what questions will be asked.

Scott Ervin, The Kid Whisperer™ has a strong passion for improving the lives of teachers, parents, caregivers, and the children they serve. His career has been devoted to education and helping children succeed.

Scott has over a decade of experience dealing with troubled and at-risk children on a daily basis and brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding to his work.

Scott’s engaging, humorous teaching style and straight forward, systematic approach pave the way for worry free discipline which in turn, build childrens’ confidence and critical thinking skills.

Ep. 10

#1 Libby Ballengee of Gem City Podcast says, “I’m finding frustrated parents of twenty something kids who are drifting/ lost in life. Not motivated to go to college or learn a trade. Do parents keep taking care of them? Kick them out? Like that big national case w the parents who had to take their kid to court to move out? Maybe at that point too late – however maybe Kid Whisperer can guide parents on how to avoid turning your kids in to lazy mooches.

#2 Justin Bailey of the Code of Honor podcast says, “I’m having trouble maintaining connection with a kid in puberty, balancing discipline and grace with an emotional, hormonal kid.”

#3 Debate: Corporal punishment should be reinstated in schools.

#4 Considering all the disinformation and unsourced material people are sharing on social media, especially in the fields of history, science, and politics. How difficult has it been to teach analytical skills to those who stubbornly fall for what is often propaganda?

#5 Why do so many teachers seem to heavily dislike, or at the very least seem extremely jaded towards their careers?

#6 Once summer hits, how long till you get back to the “school mindset”?

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