Dayton is a city known for it’s innovation, so it’s no surprise that cutting edge technology is being cultivated here to this day. The Emerson Helix building, on old NCR grounds, is one of the local places that’s exploring exciting new technologies.

In this episode, host Libby Ballengee speaks with Doug Brokaw, with Grind2Energy, which is a start up under Emerson’s umbrella. This innovative food waste recycling system generates clean, renewable energy! That’s right, spoiled food that would otherwise be trucked to a landfill, is instead made into electricity – 1 ton of which can power 140 residential homes for an entire month! The unbelievable comes true!

Learn more about this big idea from Grind2Energy, the food waste recycling system from Emerson.

Learn more about Grind2Energy technology:

A fun 2 min video about Grind2Energy:

Grind2Energy demonstration:

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