This is a special solo episode with host Libby Ballengee, an avid and frequent traveler. One of

the reasons that she likes living in Dayton so much is its affordability. The low cost of living has
allowed her to traveled around the US, Caribbean and Europe, and she has some tips to share
with you!
Even though we all love Dayton here at Gem City Podcast, traveling and experiencing the world
is essential to get perspective on one’s life. There’s nothing like seeing new places, but equally
exciting is coming home and having a new appreciation of all the things our hometown has to
This episode has tips for traveling in general, with a particular emphasis on travels to Europe,
and for folks looking to travel on a budget. She spent quite awhile backpacking overseas after
college, staying in hostels and taking trains to get around. Along the way she’s learned helpful
tips, particularly geared towards fellow Midwesterners, who are new to exploring the world.
Libby wants to share helpful travel links mentioned during this episode: (NOTE: we don’t
endorse the sites below, these are just links she found helpful doing her travel research)
Flight and accommodation search:
Travel advice links:
Info on creating a travel capsule closet for women:
Info on creating a travel capsule closet for men:
Dream Worksheet Budget:
Subterranean – “One More Time”