Fronted by Singer-Songwriter, Moriah Haven, Sassy Molasses originated as a Cincinnati-based alt-Country trio, with Thomas Curran and Michael Hamilton. The band hit the stage running, with original songs of heartbreak, whiskey, sex, and other Outlaw-esque debaucheries.

Now, Sassy re-emerges as a character with a whole lot to say. Her mission is to explore a comedic approach in advocation of body positive self images and sex positive experiences for those who identify as female, and to teach about consent. Sassy believes, everyone is beautiful, just as they are, and there ain’t one human being on this planet that will survive trying to slut shame this little firecracker. 

So, she will hit the streets, share lifestyle advice, songs, local artists, and more: all while sporting a big ol’ country fried middle finger for misogyny; donnin’ her cutoffs and cowgirl boots. Yes, Sassy proudly shares her physical, mental, and comedic goods with the world, preachin’ the gospel of sexual consent all the way……..and, well, as she would say, if you don’t like it, “Well then, you fellers can jump up and bite a hog in the ass!” 

Sassy’s webisodes will be launching in 2018. Until then, keep it real, ya Sassy Asses.

These are the Canal Street Stories. Thanks to Yellow Cab Tavern

Recorded at Yellow Cab Tavern 700 E. Fourth St. Dayton, Ohio 45402

You Don’t Have Shave Your Snatch 

Ten Bucks Till Next Friday

Catch My Fancy

Swipe You Up

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