These are the memories we collected at Canal Street Stories at Yellow Cab Tavern on Saturday, January 6, 2018. One week later, we received word that Mick Montgomery, the owner of Canal Street Tavern had passed away.

We want to thank everyone who contributed to Canal Street Memories.

Mick Montgomery ( Audio pulled from a documentary on YouTube from Nick Kizirnis)

#1 Jesse Noble

#2 Tod Weidner

#3 Christopher Corn

#4 Mike Bankhead

#5 Taylor McGuff

#6 A Canal Street Wedding (Juliet Monbeck and Ray Wagoner)

#7 Jennifer Taylor and Sharon Lane

#8 Chris Bolton

#9 Skyp Krantz

Over The Rhine – Ohio (Live at Canal Street Tavern April 26, 2008)

Thanks to Yellow Cab Tavern for hosting. GCP loves YCB

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