Music is important in the lives of the people of the Dayton, Ohio community. The home of Funk music, Indie Rock bands Guided By Voices and the Breeders, and host to many memorable performances at various clubs as well as Hara Arena and Nutter Center.

Izzy Rock, the host/producer of Gem City Podcast travelled to Fairborn, Ohio to the home of R.I.N.D. vocalist/guitarist Kyle Andes to chat with Kyle and Ryan Palcic, bassist of the mighty Thundertaker, in a Joe Rogan Experience style conversational discussion about all things music. 

This is a two and a half hour conversation that wasn’t edited. I simply slapped the intro and two songs at the end. You get the conversation that we had on that weekday night in January.

RIND – Lame Brain

Thundertaker – Yin and Yang

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