Dayton, Ohio’s dark and ambient indie band Goodnight Goodnight formed as a sort of music therapy for its members. Assembling in late February 2015 after a member of the band lost his son to suicide the members decided that they’d write and record music for the simple joy of fellowship and camaraderie.

Izzy Rock traveled to their practice space/home in New Carlisle for a Storyteller podcast.

In 2018 the band is releasing the album Control. Control is the new album from Dayton’s own GoodnightGoodnight. Come celebrate and purchase the new CD Saturday February 10 at South Park Tavern as they release their sophomore record with special guests OldNews.

Intro/Outro- December

#1 Control

#2 Divine Hammer

#3 Goodbye (Never Felt So Good)

“Atmospheric shoegazing indie rock from one of Dayton’s most interesting bands. The arrangements will remind you of the Cocteau Twins at a party for Robert Smith hosted by Radiohead. Some of the most interesting deconstruction of indie music in the Dayton area.” Art Jipson –

“From the first piano notes and twinkling bells of Goodnight Goodnight’s “Plan on Playing,” you think you’re being lulled into a luxurious sleep. Which is why once the warping, My Bloody Valentine-esque guitars and hypnotic drum kit burst on the scene, you’re pulled into a slightly eerie, but utterly mesmerizing dream. This five-piece’s dreamy music, including 2015’s Don’t Fade Out EP, is tied together by Amanda Thornton’s haunting vocals, and if their set Saturday includes “Plan on Playing,” get ready to sway, then dance, then break down, then return to reality.” 

Vivienne Machi – Dayton.comHost/Producer — Izzy Rock

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