TBTV is a comedy sketch show created by Coffee With idiots podcast hosts Brandon Berry and Tyler Wise for DATV in Dayton, OH. GCP co-host/producer Izzy Rock sits down in the East dayton home of these local content creators

“Imagine if The Ben Stiller Show scrounged together all of their unusable material and compiled it into a program for about 12 people to watch, aware that they would be cancelled before the 13th episode. This is that show.” – Brandon Berry

“Pretty good.” – Tyler Wise

“Reminded me a lot of Mr. Show!” – Andy HartWe’re a simple podcast covering everything from music to politics, pop culture to martial arts. 






Ep 472 GCP http://gemcitypodcast.com/?p=3287

Andy Gabbard – Look Not Sound https://andygabbard.bandcamp.com/

Goodnight Goodnight – Divine Hammer https://www.goodnightgoodnightmusic.com/

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