This is the Best of Gem City Podcast Storyteller 2017. This podcast features seventeen songs from artists of all genres and musical styles we’ve featured in 2017. Izzy Rock, co-host and producer of the Gem City Podcast, picked the songs.

I would like thank the 38 different musical artists we recorded with this year. The artists picked for this “Best Of” were chosen by Izzy alone. It’s never an easy task to create these Best Of episodes at the end of the year, because there’s moments and songs from each podcast that could be on here. But, since it’s 2017, I thought I’d add the 17 songs that stuck out to me.

Some of these songs I don’t interact with the artists, because at one point I had the artist read questions from a piece of paper. The idea was to give as much time to the artist as possible, but it limited the amount of follow up questions I could ask.

Seth Canaan and the Carriers – Shine (3:11

Novagold – A Pretty Burn (10:33

Rind – Cool (20:35

Me Time – Horses (26:44)

Lioness – Relations (29:29)

Mike Bankhead – io (37:45)

The Typical Johnsons – Saint Jennifer (44:41)

David Payne – Brothers (52:45)

Firecreek – Black Raven Mine (59:39)

Cherry Lee and the Hot Rod Hounds – Tie Him To The Tracks (1:05:58

Moriah Haven – Growth After Tribulation (1:09:27

A. Slate – Joy Women (1:15:07

K. Carter – Lost Kids (1:21:42

Steven Earnest – Letter To The President (1:28:01

Jay Dot Wright – My Life My Story (1:32:11

Subterranean – Audio Illusion (1:44:30

Close The Hatch – III (1:53:09

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