Dayton, Ohio alternative rock band Novagold are an emerging Midwestern tour-de-force that demonstrates ’90s sensibilities with touches of post-rock flair. As these things go, the band formed in 2016 when members’ previous bands fizzled out. The band, featuring guitarist/vocalist Ryan Jones, formerly of party punk troupe Nightbeast, as well as God Bless and Asher Jones, guitarist Jacob Oxley, also of God Bless and Asher Jones, bassist Nigel Verboon of Parade Rainer, and drummer Josh Gonzales of Hey There Morgan and Once-ler, release their debut album, A Pretty Burn, on November 17, 2017. – Timothy Anderl, Ghettoblaster Magazine

See Swimming With Sharks, NOVAGOLD, Mad Anthony, Are They Above Us? on Friday, December 15th at Blind Bob’s.

9pm $5 at the door.

Intro: Thieves and Liars 

Outro: Longitude//Latitude

#1 Exporador

#2 Find Me

#3 A Pretty Burn

Recorded at Yellow Cab Tavern

Call the voicemail: 937-265-2024