In this episode, we speak with Michael Milisits who is running for the US House of Representatives. He explains his motivation to become a candidate in his own words: “There is a huge disconnect between the lives of the average citizen and the people we send to represent us in Washington. Many politicians have been purchased by large contributions and only seem to focus on issues that affect the wealthiest among us. Real people are struggling and need access to affordable health care, a good education, good jobs, and quality child care. These are the things that keep people up at night. When I was a child, my mother developed multiple sclerosis, and ultimately we lost our home to medical bankruptcy. This is the reality for so many people in this country, even if you do everything right, something beyond your control can take everything you have worked so hard for. I am running to help change the focus in DC from tax cuts for the wealthiest, to policies that will help rebuild the social safety net and give people an opportunity to build stable lives for themselves and their families. We have allowed ourselves to be divided into left and right for too long. While we are fighting amongst ourselves, the wealthiest are stealing the future from our children. It is time to send real people to Washington. People who will represent the interests of the worker and will stand firm against the corporatists who have invested so much time and money creating the best government money can buy. Join me as we work to build a new government that works for all of us.” 

How to contact or learn more about Michael? 

Facebook- Michael Milisits for Congress 

Twitter @Milisits2018