David Payne is usually associated with his smoking hot roots rock band the New Old-Fashioned but he performed solo for years before the group formed in 2011. He returns to his roots with the new EP, “Cheaper Than Therapy,” getting its official release at the Yellow Cab Building in Dayton on Saturday, Aug. 19, 2017.

“This came about on accident,” Payne said. “I was writing songs faster than the band could put them together. They started piling up and I didn’t have demos of them. Half of them weren’t even written down so I locked myself in my front room one day and cut six songs.”

The recording is raw and unvarnished, which fits the simple presentation of one man with an acoustic guitar and a mournful voice.

“It was just one microphone and one take just to get them down,” Payne said. “I didn’t do any overdubs or add anything. After I recorded them, I went and listened back. It was kind of bare but I got good takes of everything. I sent them out to a few people to see if they were any good. I got a few positive responses so I decided to put it out. Micah Carli mastered it and it was done.”

“Cheaper Than Therapy” is being released while the New Old-Fashioned work on the follow-up to 2015’s “Low Down Dirty Summer Nights” at Patrick Himes’ Reel Love Recording Studio in Dayton.“I’m really excited to work with Patrick again,” Payne said. “We’re tracking live to tape for the first time and I never want to do it another way. That’s our big focus right now. It took a while to write these songs and we’re taking our time on the record so it won’t see the light of day until next year. We wanted something in between but we didn’t want to take time away from the album. This solo EP is a good stop-gap release between the New Old-Fashioned releases.

– Don Thrasher




Intro/Outro – Silver & Gold

#1 Cheaper Than Therapy

#2 Oh Well (It’s a livin’)

#3 Brothers