Formed in 2006, Sunset Junkies have been writing and playing their own brand of rock and roll for eleven years and counting. Our sound? Imagine Kings of Leon, Led Zep, and Sublime getting into a massive head-on collision and walking away as best friends.

Our output–3 albums and an EP of music, and so much more waiting to be recorded. Our music reflects our influences, and our fans and audiences get treated to a variety of different rock and roll flavors.

How we roll: Craig on vocals and rhythm guitar, Joe on lead guitar and backing vox, Jeremy on bass and backing vox, and Mike on drums. And no drama, guaranteed.

#1 Derailed Blues

#2 My Town

#3 High Tide

Intro/Outro Sunny Daze

Craig Bauman- da voice // 

Joe Swora- da axe // 

Jeremy Patterson- da bass // 

Mike Rogers- da skins and free hugs

Call the voicemail: 937-265-2024