Josh Wright aka Jay Dot Wright was born and raised on the west side of Dayton, Oh until he was about Four.  From there he moved to Northland Village and at age Ten moved to the Eastside of Dayton. He grew up without a father, so he turned to the streets. His Mother tried to shelter him from the street lifestyle but he found his way into it early on. At age thirteen he made his first drug deal with cocaine.

He dove into the streets, everything from hittin’ licks to distribution everything that comes with that lifestyle. He found out he was having his first child at 19 and tried to get out the streets for a minute and work a 9-5, the first time he ever held a job. With the stress of bills, a child, and not getting along with the mother of his child he starting taking Xanax. Ten a day for a week, led him to committing a robbery and ending up with his first felonies as an adult. Two F1 Aggravated Robberies with two Gun Specifications, he served seven months in Montgomery County Jail and pled out to one F1 and did four years in Prison. 

Stints in Lebanon Correctional Institution and Mansfield Corrections. He got released from prison and hit the streets again hustling. It took two parole sanctions to finally wake him up and realize he could go back to prison and leave his child. This day Jay Dot Wright has started a movement called #StopTheEpidemic against drug use to try and save lives and make up for his past. With his 7 year old, another daughter on the way and with the woman who’s been to the bottom with him he’s focused to change lives and save people and get his music and movement everywhere.

Intro/Outro – Buzzin’

#1 In Another Life

#2 My Life My Story

#3 Frenemies

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