Subterranean approaches improvisation with intent. Pushing stylistic boundaries and fearlessly exploring their musical journey while still presenting infectious grooves. This creates a unique experience at every live performance making each one a must see.

They chat with Izzy Rock at the 2017 Miami Valley Music Fest and discuss some of the songs from their album, “Loom”.

Chuckie Love- Bass/vocals

Danny Sauers- Sax/Harmonica/vocals

Chris Coalt- Guitar/vocals

Rob Brockman-Drums/Vocals

Intro/Outro – One More Time

#1 Snarling Panda

#2 Sleeping at the Wheel

#3 Magnetic

Thanks to Brad Denson and the crew from MVMF for an amazing event. Charity Rocks!!!

Recorded at Miami Valley Music Fest 2017 in Troy, Ohio.

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