We are Team 5811, the BONDS.  The team’s mission statement is our name: Bringing Opportunities Near Dayton Students.  We want to make the art of STEM visible to the Dayton Community.  We bring diverse cultures together to achieve a new challenging competition task each year.

In 2016, Oakwood High School and the Dayton Early College Academy created The BONDS. We are an open FIRST Robotics Team in the Dayton area. The sport we are a part of is called FRC, FIRST Robotics Competition, a.k.a the varsity sport of the mind. FIRST Robotics Competition requires a lot of time, dedication, teamwork, branding, and money. We wanted to open FIRST opportunities to students and allow the Dayton youth to develop a love for engineering and robotics as well as an understanding of responsibility, leadership, financing, marketing, and working under pressure.

Our hope is that we can attract other like-minded students to our team and continue to help spread the message of FIRST and STEM throughout our community. Dayton is a city of innovation and we are doing our part to make sure it stays that way.

Team BONDS is unique in that it is made up of students from very different backgrounds in the community. The students are exposed to different life skills such as: Engineering, Programming, CADing, Marketing, Finance as well as Management. We take pride in that we represent all corners of Dayton. The brightest minds of Dayton’s inner city and suburbia come together to create one united team that transcends all odds.