The Gem City Market will be a full-service grocery store and deli located in the Salem Avenue corridor, just across the bridge from downtown Dayton.

Products sold at this store will meet the diverse grocery needs of Dayton residents and families.

This new grocery store will be a place where everyone is welcome. The success of the market will be driven by the ideas and input of all its customers, employees, and members of the community.

A food cooperative or food co-op is a food distribution outlet organized as a cooperative. Food cooperatives are usually community and worker owned, and decisions regarding the production and distribution of its food are chosen by its members.

Become a member of the Gem City Market!

What a membership share will get you:

1. Be a part of a community effort to bring healthy food access to Dayton!

2. Access to member-only sales prices (similar to a Kroger Plus card)

2. Vote for or run for designated community seats on the board of directors of the store.

3. Participate in annual meetings where the general direction of the store is set.

4. Once we are profitable, members will share in a percentage of profit not reinvested in the store, based upon level of patronage (how much you shop at the store).BECOME A MEMBER!