Kev Nash & DJ Killa Kev talk about the biggest news in hip-hop, sports, and what’s popping in the city of Dayton. The boys are back together! Killa Kev recaps Brandon McKinney’s football camp & celebrity basketball game (we see you DJ Big Al) his daughter getting the whole family sick, plus Chris Wright’s comedy show! Plus, lots of Jay-Z 444 talk, NBA free agency & the fellas share their favorite Mobb Deep stories in the wake of Prodigy passing away last weekend. Follow the fellas on twitter at @Dj_Killa_Kev & @1KevNash Don’t forget you can find the pod on the Tunein app & stitcher app.

Even though he’s a #shawhighschool grad & I’m a #clevelandheights guy! It was dope to meet & interview #JohnHenton aka #overtonjones #overtonwakefieldjones #livingsingle