John Donnelly, Chad Ingle and Jeremy Cox are 3 local adventurers who set out a few years ago with the ambitious goal to complete all 5 river of the Five Rivers MetroPark system as well as the Little Miami River (So 6 of our major local waterways). Why? You may ask. Great question! They’re not paddling for charity, they’re not paddling for a purpose, they’re paddling our rivers because they’re there! Dayton is the Outdoor Adventure Capital of the Midwest for a reason and we aim to take full advantage. Its what we do…its where we live…its our home! Whether its on the backpack trail, bikepath, or river these guys love all things outside and adventure.

Over the past few summers, with inexpensive gear, they have paddled the entire Little Miami River, Stillwater River, Mad River and last summer they spent 8 days and 160 miles paddling the entire length of the Great Miami River. Where do you stay? What do you eat? Where do you poop? Do you take a shower? If you’re curious on some of the logistical issues of multi-day river trips, or if you are looking for an adventure, but don’t have the money, local adventuring is a great way to get outside and take advantage of the resources we have right here at home.

You can find pics and videos from our Great Miami River trip on:

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A YouTube video highlighting (and lowlighting) our river trips: