Chill is as authentic as they come. The hip-hop musician was born in the same city that gave birth to funk music, Dayton, Ohio. With his mother having a degree in music, as well as being a singer herself, Chill and his sister would tag along with his mother to her vocal lessons and would even sing some of the songs that his mother was studying at the time. While hanging around his father, he was introduced to Parliament, Tom Browne, as well as the early sounds of hip-hop to the tune of The Sugar Hill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight,” and in the process became exposed to other types of music that included R&B, Soul and even Opera.

As he grew older, Chill became more involved with music from singing in the children’s choir at his church to even singing a few solos, even though he never liked singing. He even played the first chair clarinet in the elementary school band. At heart, he has always wanted to be a rapper but thought that he had to be a hardcore type of person to do so, so he just left it alone. He found other ways to involve himself. First, by wanting to be a DJ, but just after one try, it didn’t stick with him. Next, he wanted to be a producer so he started playing around with Fruity Loops, now called FL Studio, but once again it just didn’t stick.

Like every other teenager, there were times when he struggled with feelings that he could not process at the time. What did he do? He turned to writing. Writing everything he could from poems, stories, his feelings, whatever he wanted. Through that, he realized that writing was his passion. Chill’s main source of motivation comes from his need to express himself. By using the world around him and observing everything, he uses his active imagination coupled with his emotions to write about what he envisions and how he feels about what he perceives.

Chill credits his cousin to being his “hip-hop teacher” because he introduced him to underground hip-hop and what it truly means to be an MC. With Chill being exposed to those type of artists and that philosophy, he soon realized that he can make hip-hop in his own way without having to compromise the type of person that he is. At the age of 16, he started to realized that his talent for writing was more of a gift and so as a result he decided to take rapping more seriously. 

While in college, he was briefly part of a rap group with some of his friends. He eventually branched out as a solo artist and has since released three projects: The Genius Complex (2013), PERSPECTIVE (2014), & FreeYourMind (2015). He has also performed throughout various cities in Ohio and even some in Indiana. Chill has also garnered attention from the Canadian hip-hop blog, 1st Class Citizens. Chill views himself as one of the many indie artists of the world who have decided to take their careers into their own hands but feels that he can still appeal to the mainstream hip-hop community.

He is currently working on a few projects for the upcoming year, which includes a full length album. He is also learning to be an audio engineer and has even decided to try his hand at music production once again. He wants and he even wants to incorporate that style of music into his own. Chill wants to curate content that will inspire generations to come and re-establish the musical presence Dayton once had back when funk music was popular. With his determination, nothing will stop him from doing just that.

Intro/Outro: Focus

#1 Crack the Door

#2 Peace, Love, and Dollar Bills

#3 Funk Free F’all