Steven Earnest aka Special Edition, LoneWolf, S&E is an established independent artist from Dayton, Ohio. Born and raised in the  Westwood area. Coming from poverty stricken neighborhoods, it was hard to maintain a solid foundation considering his mother had him at the early age of 13. Steven is the oldest of 5 children, and at that early age for his mother, he was placed in a foster home at the age of 11. Though sports was his first love, there was always something about music that caught his interest. Through all of the turmoil, Steven managed to graduate high school and even completed 2 years of college at Central State University.  While always messing around with music, he then decided in college that he wanted to pursue a career in music. In the meanwhile, the streets was a major part of his life as well. Later he realized that wasn’t the route he wanted to take. So he decide to go full-flegde with his music to remove himself from the streets and the struggle.

Steven’s music is a clear-cut reflection on the life that he has lived and or witnessed. Some of his influences consists of 2Pac, Scarface, DMX, Nas, Jay Z, Styles P, and more. These artists were influential because they seemed to have went through some of the same struggles as him. This in turn made him to want to paint vocal pictures and visuals to inspire and change conditions of his community and communities abroad. Steven is also a father and understands the importance of family, so therefore his family is his inspiration to do whatever it takes to succeed.

 Steven is also a entrepreneur, he’s the OWNER of T.R.A.P (Think Rich Act Poor), OWNER of SolidBehavior clothing lines and CEO of SmartMoney independent record label. He is also an unsigned artist/business partner/motivational speaker with UMB4LIFE as well…and the growth will not stop there.

Intro/Outro: Moment of Truth

#1 Going Up In Flames

#2 Gentrification

#3 Letter To the President

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