After garnering a loyal local following with the success of his groups Andrew & the Pretty Punchers and King Elk, Andy Smith set out yet again with a new group and new mission in the summer of 2013. With Me Time, Smith rallied drummer Elliot Ward and bassist Josh Wickersham along with King Elk holdover Kyle Melton to start work on a new batch of material. Over the course of the next 2 months, the group rehearsed the material that would wind up on their debut, Vol. 1, released in May 2014. Recorded by Melton at his home studio The Whole, the group captured the urgency of Smith’s new material, retaining the rough edges of his countrified psychedelia as the pop gems they are.

Shortly after the release of their debut EP, Wickersham departed and was replaced by M Ross Perkins on bass, who also added sympathetic harmonies to Smith’s plaintive vocal delivery. Smith & co. set to work honing the material for a second release during late 2014 and early 2015. After a false start recording at Perkins’ home studio, the group reconvened in June 2015 for a single frantic session to capture live the material that would emerge on the Vol. 2 EP. While the material was honed tighter for this session, the disc bristles with urgency. Indulging his tendencies toward 60s psychedelia, Smith retains his core melodicism and soulfulness that has drawn listeners over the past decade.  

The Volume 2 version of Me Time is Andy Smith (Vocals, Guitar, Songwriter), Kyle Melton (Lead Guitar), Elliot Ward (Drums), and M. Ross Perkins (Bass, Harmonies, Keys). Vol. 1 had Josh Wickersham on bass instead of M. Ross.

Intro/Outro: First & Long

#1 (You Play Your) Games

#2 Open Your Mouth

#3 Horses

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