Gem City Ballet is celebrating their 25th Season in a spectacular fashion – with a fabulous reparatory show that celebrates not only the history of Gem City Ballet, but also the history of Dayton dance and our beloved choreographers and dancers. That of course includes Gem City Ballet’s Founder and Artistic Director, Barbara Pontecorvo, who was one of the most memorable ballerinas in the Dayton Ballet. She now trains aspiring ballerinas herself through the Gem City Ballet.

Gem City Ballet was formed in 1992 for three main purposes: (1) to educate young dancers in the joys and rigors of ballet performance, (2) to make quality ballet performances available to a wider audience and (3) to provide both new and experienced choreographers an opportunity to create new works.

Gem City Ballet is a non-profit and volunteer company. It requires outside financial help to continue it’s excellent work. You can help by donating funds to help fund choreography and costumes. GCB is recognized as a 501(c)(3) corporation, and qualifies for tax-deductible donations. For more information, please all 937-550-9245.

Their final performance of their season, Gem City Ballet Victoria Theatre Gala, is what we discuss most during this podcast, which is taking place on April 29th 2017 at the Victoria Theatre. Tickets start at $17. To purchase:

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