Floodwalker is a collaboration of like minded, long term friends who have brought together a plethora of influences to create the music they collectively have been waiting to hear. From John Coltrane to Brutal Truth we have understood that all forms of music can and does create a language that elicits extreme emotion and inspires us to move forward.

Floodwalker has been active in the Dayton Music scene for years playing in bands such as TwentythirdChapter, Pawn,Dripfeeder, Footbinder,Solidification, High Society etc… We have never relinquished our passion for what music can create within.

Collin- Drums 

Evan- Guitar

Mike- Bass 

Chris- Vocals

Terry- Guitar

Intro/Outro – Starve

#1 Spite

#2 Lost In Translation

#3 Sink Or Swim



Produced by Izzy Rock – @TheIzzyRock on Social Media

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Recorded at Folio Design Haus, 411 East Fifth Street, Suite 300, Dayton, Ohio, 45402


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