Others by No One? We bet that you’re already thinking weird thoughts about what the hell that even means. Wonder no more – We are skilled, we are dedicated, we are writers, we are entertainers, and most importantly: here to stay.

Others by No One was born out of the desire to share original, quirky sounds to the world at large, coupling years of intense work on each member’s individual craft with a deep passion for composition and songwriting. Anybody can sit around and work on sweeps and taps, but they have to fit – Despite our technical experience, we are not a “wank” band. We are, however, a group of experienced, progressive gentlemen who have each been around the block many times writing and performing live with our previous bands – Others by No One is finally real because those bands couldn’t satisfy the high standards we set for ourselves, our audience, and the world of music we can create with the musicians (not to mention best pals) we have assembled. Come see us and you will be greeted by several seasoned goofballs that are all a ton of fun to watch and will (musically, at the very least) blow you away.

Listening to us, you will find music with hints from every genre you can imagine, often within the space of a single song – We always work towards memorable moments for ourselves and our listeners in our music. Anything goes in ObNO – Metal, funk, jazz, atmospheric/ambient, blues, a cappella, pop-punk, catchy choruses, countless reprises, and (of course) obligatory, massive concepts under the progressive banner. 

It’s hard to promote when you’re a prog band that’s crazy in just about every way – You’ll just have to listen. At the end of the day the listener decides what we’re like, and we bet you’ll love it. When you see us live, you’ll love seeing us go crazy and have a blast doing it – but if you give us a chance and check out our tunes, they transcend any individual member of this project. It’s about the people and characters we write about, after all – the “others”, if you will, and we’re just telling their stories. We promise you’ll be surprised, amused, entertained, impressed, and before long – wholly caught up in the drama.

Max Mobarry – Guitars, Lead Vocals

Quique Bucio – Bass, Backing Vocals

Mike Gregg – Guitars, Backing Vocals

Sam Ruff – Drums and Percussion

Brian Gerth – Keyboards

Intro/Outro – Gravity of the Bulls

#1 Brand New Remedy

#2 Death of a Clone

#3 Doctor Breacher and the Time Travel Anomaly 






Produced by Izzy Rock – @TheIzzyRock on Social Media

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Recorded at Folio Design Haus, 411 East Fifth Street, Suite 300, Dayton, Ohio, 45402


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