The Dayton Police Majors were generous with their time, and sat down for a great community conversation with Libby and Mark. Tune in to hear how the City of Dayton is doing from their point of view. We were also humorously reminded that there are real people inside those uniforms. We really enjoyed getting to know them!

The Dayton Police Department strives to be a regional and national leader in the field of law enforcement and public safety.  The Dayton Police Department, through genuine community partnerships, utilizes comprehensive crime reduction strategies, supported by innovative technology, to provide effective and efficient service that enhances quality of life and safety for our community.

Our city is sectioned into three Patrol Operations Divisions – Central, East, and West, which are each headed by a Major who you will meet during this podcast.  Each area is made up of neighborhoods which have their own strengths and challenges.

The Dayton Police Department believes in a community based policing approach which promotes strong relationships between law enforcement and the citizens they protect and serve.  Given the current challenges in public safety, it is imperative that the central focus be on peace-building.  The role of police officers as peace-builders necessitates collaboration with all segments of the community – business, social services, civic organizations, etc. – to foster community health, well-being, and a safe environment.

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Song added at end of episode is “Dayton, Ohio” by The Wretched Few