Moriah Haven is a Singer, Performance Artist, and Songwriter with an emphasis on conceptualized art for creative expression, healing, and the mission of raising awareness on social issues, and breaking down stigmas.

With strong roots in Appalachian, Roots Blues, & Bluegrass Music, her performances re-connect with this tradition of these genres, and of an era and style more reminiscent of times past, yet, somehow simultaneously modern and experimental. Her songs intend to preserve the honesty found in Appalachian ballads, while taking a more modern approach to the songwriting style and subject matter. 

She is also an Organic Gardening and Home-Canning enthusiast, Single Mom, Illustrator, Aspergers Advocate, Advocate for survivors of abuse, and believes in living a life led by faith and the heart, regardless of society’s standards.

Fun Fact: This is the 100th Storyteller Episode for Gem City Podcast

Intro/Outro: Skinnier, Not Happier

#1 Come Here, My Dear

#2 Growth After Tribulation

#3 Hold Me, Artemis

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