Manufactured in Dayton, OH in 2014, from the scrap of his old moniker, The Takeover Project, Dark Machine Nation is a hard fusion of Power Noise, Industrial Hardcore, and ambient styles. 

Since his early teen years, computer based production was his passion behind closed doors. Now, years of witnessing the dismal display of mankind’s folly has given rise to a darker, harsher sound, dedicated to purging hate and empowering one’s self… at any cost.

His latest album Resurgence, blasts off into new heights of audio-destruction and cryptic philosophy, inspired by bleak science fiction and the most arcane works of the occult.

Brace yourself, he’s coming to a city near you, to destroy speakers and raise hell!

Intro/Outro – Liveclip

  1. Leviathan
  2. Resurgance
  3. DCLXVI (All Hail)


Produced by Izzy Rock – @TheIzzyRock on Social Media

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Recorded at Folio Design Haus, 411 East Fifth Street, Suite 300, Dayton, Ohio, 45402

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