Purely a studio project, Potter’s Field is the brain-child of metal vocalist Don Potter. Potter has joined forces with his good friends who also double as amazing musicians to create the straight-forward, brutal metal that is the trademark of the Potter sound. Potter’s Field does not break any new ground, nor does it push the envelope. However, the music is honest and executed at a high level. It is filled with the brutality that was made famous by the likes of Pantera, and Sepultura as well as the melodic presence the likes of Killswitch Engage and Demon Hunter.

Potter’s Field’s first CD was released in 2009 as just simply “Potter”. This CD was titled “Resilience” and featured former Enemy of Mine, Drayton Sawyer guitarist and current Mississippi Bones vocalist Jarod Collins. On the CD, Jarod played guitar and bass.  He also programmed the drums.  His contributions were essential to the release of the CD, recorded by Josh Palmer at Zombietakeover Media.

Potter’s Field’s new EP, out now, is titled “A Brutal Presence.”  It was recorded at Refraze Studio’s in Kettering, Oh. Ron Pease did the enginnering on the CD. However on this project, the musicians will all be new.  A former band-mate and guitar MVP, Colt Burnett, is handling guitar duties and will be a primary writing contributor. Dan Fisher is manning the low end of things playing bass. Brian Harris hitting the skins with Brutality.

Potter’s Field will continue to work to establish itself by releasing bone-crushing metal to the masses with a possible live show in the works. One way or another, you will be destroyed.

Intro/Outro – A Brutal Presence

  1. A Peaceful Man
  2. Fell From Grace
  3. Devour The Crow




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