This week we interviewed Danny from Great Escape Dayton. What is the Great Escape? What is this new trend in group entertainment?

Each Escape Game is a reallife escape room adventure for a small or large group. You will work as a team to escape the room while the clock is clicking! Escape games are great for groups of friends, family, or work parties. You’ll solve puzzles, crack codes, find hidden items, and more in order to escape the room! You have one goal with our escape games: escape the room in under one hour!

Pick from the following unique scenarios: Bank Vault, Virus Outbreak Laboratories, Egyptian Tomb: Pharoahs Revenge, and our Air Force room Area D: Nuclear Facility! The puzzles and clues in each room are related to the over arching theme of the room! Will you escape in time?

Find out more about what inspired this new trend, these particular owners, how they devise each room, and maybe even a few secret tips!

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