Salvadore Ross is a fuzz-inspired, psychedelic rock and roll band from Dayton, OH. Equal parts space rock, heavy greasy riffs and 1960s style songwriting. The band consists of K.R. Byrum of The White Soots/The Professors, Kyle Sweney of Della Rocco/C. Wrights Parlour Tricks and Mike McKewen of Magic Jackson. The band’s name is derived from a 1964 episode of the television series “The Twilight Zone” entitled, “The Self-Improvement of Salvadore Ross”.

K.R. Byrum- Guitar/Vocals

Kyle Sweney- Drums/Vocals

Mike McKewen- Bass/Snakeskin Boots


Intro/Outro: Broken Bones

  1. Edacity
  2. Help Me Up
  3. If We All Fall


Black Cat, by Salvadore Ross


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Recorded at Folio Design Haus, 411 East Fifth Street, Suite 300, Dayton, Ohio, 45402

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