GoodnightGoodnight is Amanda Thornton- Vocals, Gary Thornton- Guitar, Todd Herbert- Everything Else.  GoodnightGoodnight was formed in February 2015 initially as a four piece, brought together with no expectations, just a group of friends that were looking for a way to heal after several losses.  GoodnightGoodnight has played with Hawthorne Heights, Feral Conservatives, Moira, The Story Changes and The Receiver.  GoodnightGoodnight did a light tour on the East Coast to promote their first EP- Don’t Fade Out.  The first full length record is due out in late November.

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Intro/Outro: Laura

  1. Don’t Drown
  2. This Place
  3. Was It Worth It

“Atmospheric shoegazing indie rock from one of Dayton’s most interesting bands. The arrangements will remind you of the Cocteau Twins at a party for Robert Smith hosted by Radiohead.  Some of the most    interesting  deconstruction of indie music in the Dayton area.”

                                                                      Art Jipson –

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