Bill and Mark had the extreme pleasure of having a very special guest in Tiffany Clark. Tiffany is an artist born and raised in the area and with her company The Mural Machine is responsible for some of the beautiful art that can be found when you travel around the downtown and near surrounding areas. She is a teacher and mentor to talented youths in the area, and is working hard in the community to help Dayton blossom. What made the conversation with Tiffany Clark so special is her open and painful way of discussing her past problems with heroin addiction. Tiffany is bravely candid about the truth of heroin addiction and the effects it has on an addict’s life and the people that love them. This is a very important issue for Dayton as we are a city plagued with this disease. Listen to this podcast, not just for the incredible and revealing testimony of our guest Tiffany but because you might learn something that can help yourself or a loved one.