The Gem City Podcast has always been about supporting local podcasts. The You Can’t Make this Up Podcast Kev Nash & DJ Killa Kev reached out to the podcast about a collaboration. After watching these guys release quality podcasts for 25 straight weeks, Izzy Rock knew it was time to bring them on as our Friday show.

Originally this was supposed to be a rotating day for local podcasts, but after subscribing and listening to their podcast, it was time to bring on a new show that “talks about the biggest news in hip-hop, sports, and what’s popping in the city of Dayton.”

This week on episode 27 of their show, the fellas talk their new partnership with Gem City Podcast network, Agie Martinez’s book “My Voice”, most disappointing albums of all-time, Meek’s new bars, Wright State making The Shade Room, and a visit from YouTube stars The Hodge Twins.

You truly Can’t Make This Up! Send questions
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