Andy Gabbard is a singer, guitarist, and songwriter who is also 1/4 of the Ohio band Buffalo Killers. In this podcast we learn about his solo work.

Here’s his bio:

I don’t have a bio really but I have this piece M Ross Perkins wrote about me:

I know of no other songwriter whose work so accurately reflects his natural, authentic personality than Andy Gabbard. Just by listening, it is possible to accurately know him.

He’s romantic. And cynical. As likely to sing about childhood or unrequited love as he is to sing about some big-mouthed prick who once told him that he looked like one bearded person or another.

He’s lofty. And deliberate. Able to use a microscope and tweezers to pick apart his fuzzy morning mood or a complicated social situation and then, in the same breath, send a coded message to his kid, advising to resist the intellectual corruption that pollutes lost grownups.

He’s clever. And ballsy. Never fearing what vulnerabilities may be exposed in a line or what fragility may be revealed in a high note. Andy plays and sings like he thinks: rambunctious, daring, in rhythm and in harmony with himself.

Hurl an empty bottle in any dumpy rock club, and you’ll hit a songwriter who’s concerned with crafting a specific, strategic, imagined, fictitious version of himself. Andy Gabbard is no such songwriter. His songs’ subjects are the same ones he’s likely to bring up when he’s sitting around with his best friends, bleary-eyed and casual: his kids, his wife, pro wrestling, music he likes, friendly people, shitty people, the past. If you’re listening to this record, you’re in the room, hanging out, sharing a joint, getting exactly the same Andy as those closest to him. The Andy on this record is the only Andy there is. Or at least the only one I’ve ever met.

-M Ross Perkins


Intro/Outro: Octoman

  1. Fluff
  2. My Grey Pond
  3. Wasn’t made For These Times

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