Today, we got to know Kate’s Plate, a Healthy Cooking Service. They make it super easy for busy folks to eat healthy. 

Kate’s Plate is a weekly, in-home cooking service that brings fresh, organic groceries & does the prep work for you – in your own kitchen. Come home to oven or skillet-ready meals without the hassle of planning, shopping, or chopping. Less dishes, less waste – more freedom, more time to play. Get your life back!

About Kate Kennard: 

Eating right and staying fit are the building block to wellness. We all know that, yet making it actually happen is quite difficult. Kate saw firsthand that healthy recipes, ideas, and even meal plans just weren’t cutting it for her clients. They needed action, someone to help them do the work every single week. Kate’s background in osteopathic medicine and personal training give her the deep knowledge of how whole, real food is the path to a vibrant life. Her mission is to remove barriers to healthy eating and foster the ever-important family dinnertime. 

The stats: 

Entrepreneur – Kate’s Plate, 2 years in December  

Business Owner – Beyond The Game Sports Training with her husband Jeff Kennard – indoor baseball facility (

Business Owner – The Fields Complex, outdoor baseball tournament facility – coming soon! 

Mama to a 2.5 year old little dude, and expecting little dude #2 after the new year. 

Medical School at Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine – physician by training, but foodie at heart 


Super nerd at heart, strong moral compass, and tragically high expectations in life. 


How to connect with Kate’s Plate: