Who knew we had so many authors in this town? In this episode Scott, Mark and Bill get to know local author Janean Phillips.

Here is Janean in her own words?

I am a native Daytonian, a 52 year old grandmother of 3 beautiful granddaughters.
I have 2 adult children, Craig and Claire.

I began to write my first book of poetry, narratives and short stories titled “At Whitt’s End,” in September of 2014, then found a local publisher that same month, finished my book in early November and had my first book signing on December 20th of that same year!

My inspiration or drive for this book came to me on my birthday on September 8th, 2014, when I turned 51, and when I acknowledged my disappointment of not being published at 50…
The poetry and narratives quickly poured out of me in a short amount of time. The majority these are funny and sad, about the death of my mother, stories of my children and my 8 siblings, about travel, breakups, dreams and disappointments.

My second book, is my first published novel, “Jane’s Suitcase,” although my first unpublished novel (Dear MFB: My Former Boyfriend) was written 7 years ago.
Both are about breakups, sadness, betrayal and the fight to regain one’s self-esteem, self-worth and jumping over emotional hurdles.
In the novel, “Jane’s Suitcase,” Jane’s goes to Europe ‘with baggage’ and returns home without her baggage…
I wrote this novel in 3 months, and it debuted in March of this year.

I’m working/volunteering with Tom Dallis on his local sci-fi web series, where I’m learning lighting and sound, I’m helping with fundraising, scouting locations and props.
I’m writing 2 screenplays, and I’m writing my 3rd book, a 2nd “At Whitt’s End” installment. My son drew both covers!


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