A creative dreamer since birth, Felisha Beverly has been interested in Holistic Therapies from an early age. Her sessions are refreshingly unique and unconventional in format. She really utilizes all the tools in her possession to give the best of herself to her clients. The benefits from her work have a long lasting effect and the powerful nature of her healing abilities bring light and hope into the lives of those she touches. Of Native American and English/Irish heritage, Felisha was born in Appalachian Mountains in 1979. Her goals are to inspire the lives of all that she comes in contact with and assist the other healers of the world in shifting the consciousness of mankind into a more positive awareness.


Connect with Beverly: www.miraculousworks.com

Or on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0LvcBfJ_L5fDez99G-qB-g


One of the tools she uses is Pranic Healing, an ancient form of healing using only hands! Sounds like a miracle, but it works, try it yourself! For more info: www.pranichealing.com

Free Pranic Healing clinic 
25 E Mill St
Springboro, OH
Last Sunday of the month 5pm-7pm

Upcoming Pranic Healing free intro class
August 12th 7pm-9pm
Pure Nature Yoga Center
7009 Taylorsville Rd
Huber Heights, OH 45424

Upcoming workshop also at pure nature yoga Aug 28-29 9:30-5:30 both days