David Sparks is a veteran, a Wright State Grad, part of the Gem City Podcast, and he’s running for the Ohio State Representative, 43rd District.

In this podcast, Izzy Rock sits down with David and his campaign manager Jack Keller. We chat about the state of politics, review David’s trip to the DNC, and have an informative podcast.

David’s bio-

My name is David Sparks, and I am running for the Ohio House of Representatives in the 43rd District.

I am running because it is time for regular people to step up and change the laws of our state so its citizens can live better and more fulfilling lives.

If you are looking for a holier than thou moralizing theocrat, or a middle of the road bought politician who is afraid to speak truth to power, please look somewhere else.

I am a proud U.S. veteran who publicly opposed the first Persian Gulf war. Had our nation listened to the much younger me back then, think of the millions of lives that could have been saved.

It is with that same sense of courage and resilience to do what is right for regular everyday people, and not monied interests, that I will take into the Ohio Statehouse in 2016 when elected.

I was born to a Dayton, Ohio policeman who later became a Southern Baptist Minister. My mother was a nurse. I have lived in the Dayton, Ohio area for most of my life. I am happily married to my second wife, Audra, and have two grown daughters, Hannah and Hunter from my first marriage.

I have been a journalist, public school employee, musician, labor union president and currently am self-employed as an Internet developer.

Ohio has been trapped by regressive politicians who want to keep the state stuck in the last century. I want to move Ohio forward.

If you like my stances on the issues, then please vote for me in the Ohio general election this November 8, 2016.

Web – votedavidsparks.org
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