Shelly Hulce and Bryan Suddith chat with Izzy Rock about Story Slamm Dayton.

Inspired by the many amazing storytellers in her life, Gladgirl Shelly founded this storytelling initiative after touring in an improv comedy troupe. After discovering the joys of the many NPR story telling formats in programs such as This American Life, StoryCorp and The Moth. Gladgirl contacted The Moth and asked if they would make Dayton a stop on their tours in the area. They weren’t interested in little old Dayton, so, in true Gem City style, she pushed on and created her own “moth!”

Founded in 2005 with her creation of “A Day In The Life Of … “, story slamms were born in an Oregon District coffee house called “Jasper Wall Creative Sounds Cafe’ ” After the closing of Jasper, it would be nearly 5 years before landing in the perfect venue, Ghostlight Coffee, newly opened in 2011. The first Story Slamm at Ghostlight was Dec. of 2011 and has remained a favorite activity for many Dayton story tellers and listeners alike!

True Stories! Real Dayton!

Inspired by “The Moth”, an inclusive performance event that builds community. Watch for announcements of dates & locations.

‘What is a story slamm?’, you may ask.

In the tradition of the national story telling program called ‘The Moth’, story slamms are events where people gather to tell a story based on the theme of the event.

There are few simple rules.

1) The story has to be factual / true and happened to YOU personally.

2) You can use no notes to tell your story. (Has to be conversation style.)

3) Stories must have a beginning, middle and end.

4) Time limit is 10 minutes

A range of 1 to 3 judges OR a small audience votes on the following criteria:

~ Uniqueness

~ Delivery. (You’re story should have a beginning, middle and end! )

Think of it as a party with old and new friends in a homey atmosphere!

Someone takes home a prize, everyone takes home an experience!

Sound fun? Well, it IS and it’s a great community builder!

Below is a link to ‘The Moth’ so you can see a little of what we are working towards doing with future slamms.

The prize will be a mix of collected offerings from local Dayton businesses and knicky knacky things hand picked by your host, Gladgirl Shelly. (usually items related to the theme of the month.)

Concessions will be available, featuring brews from Dayton’s premiere coffee salon, Ghostlight Coffee!


COST: Donations encouraged and appreciated.

Doors open and sign up for story slots start at 7:45.

Stories begin at 8:00.

Song: Intro from Team Void “From Parts Unknown”
Dullahan – “Mr. Pattersons John Boats”

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