Kyleen Downes is a Singer/Songwriter. The guitar has been a part of Kyleen’s life since she was 12. She’s always enjoyed creating music with it and eventually she started writing songs during her time in the Army. After moving to the Dayton area she paired up with different musicians and played in the acoustic duo Smilin’ Gray and party band The Undercovered.
She and her friend Emma Woodruff founded the rock band The Curious Sound and released the album “Longing for Something.” In 2014 the timing felt right to branch off into her solo career and she has since played acoustic songwriter showcases, Dayton Sideshow, LadyFest Dayton, and GemFest in the past two years.  Her solo album “Maybe Sometimes” released in July 2016.

Intro/Outro: Take Me On

Things Change

Talk Like You Don’t Know

Keep Your Ways

Produced by Izzy Rock – @TheIzzyRock on Social Media

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Recorded at Folio Design Haus, 411 East Fifth Street, Suite 300, Dayton, Ohio, 45402

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