Izzy, Libby, and Mark had fun talking about film with Bill Miller, who also happens to be our newest crew member!

Bill Miller was born in Dayton a child of the seventies.  Discovering his love of film at a young age Bill soon knew he was a film dork, but it wasn’t until he saw Pulp Fiction that Bill knew he wanted to be a filmmaker.  Over the next twenty years through marriage, cross country moves, kids, divorce and all the other stuff life throws at you Bill studied filmmaking and watched more movies then what is probably healthy. A few years ago after another dead end job ended he decided if he was going to struggle and scrape to survive then he was going to do it being a filmmaker.  Adopting the nom de plume of JB (Just Bill) Bill began to work within the local film community.   Now a few years later Bill has gained lots of experience having worked on dozens of projects at different capacities and is seeking distribution for his own feature.  Bill, or JB, has a local film talk show Film Speak and YouTube channel under his production house name Burnmill. Bill has a desire to see Dayton become the filmmaking capital of the Midwest, and showcase the wonderful talent in the area.

Connect on FB: https://www.facebook.com/talkfilmstome

Bill’s films: https://www.youtube.com/user/BurnmillProductions/videos

DATV: http://www.datv.org/watch.html