Dayton Sideshow is one of those “do not miss” events for the Dayton, Ohio area. A venue to showcase art, music, comedy, food trucks, and podcasts. We were lucky enough to set up a table and watch our equipment fail.

This podcast was recorded on location at Dayton Sideshow 11 on Friday, May 13, 2016. The Gem City Podcast loves this festival. This episode is when the Zoom h4n shit the bed.

Segment 1. Izzy Rock, Mark DagRossa kick off the podcast with guest Josh Gwin.

We lost 10-20 minutes because of equipment problems.

Segment 2. Chris Barnett of Time Warp Toys, Mayliner, and Sidekick Complex talks toys and so much more.

Segment 3. Scott Epic joins us again to say goodbye.

Time Warp Toys and Collectibles is located at 411 W. Main Street in Fairborn, Ohio.

Podcast Produced by @TheIzzyRock

Intro- Team Void- From Parts Unknown

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