Dayton Podfest began as an idea of Izzy Rock’s. On Friday, 6/3/2016 at Yellow Cab Tavern it happened. It was an amazing evening.

Here’s the line up we had.

7:00 P.M. The Learning Leaders show

Ryan Hawk and Keith Hawk

7:30 P.M. Matt Kovacs

New Podcast Promo

7:45 P.M. Fresh Dope Podcast

Alex Davis, Salam Melaku, Nick Shoa, and Isai Morales

8:20 P.M. Bottom of The Bottle Podcast

Joe Gill, Tyler Hobbs, and Ryann Hippen

9:00 P.M. Completely Straight Podcast

Jason and Josh

9:45 P.M. Gem City Podcast

Libby, Scott, Izzy, and Mark

10:45 P.M. Tino

11:30 P.M. Grenades!?

12:15 A.M. NightBeast

1:00 A.M. Team Void

Art Room Artists

Kevin Pittman (Painted on stage)

Noah Faler

Studio Akumakaze

Art Room Podcast

Grown Ups Podcast

We started a Go Fund Me

Songs: Team Void- From Parts Unknown

Nightbeast – King of Party Castle

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