IMG_9768 (1)The band TRUK was put together on a dare. Ty and Kenny had been playing guitar together on the Porch Vortex for a couple of years. Ty knew three chords and was relieved to find someone who knew three different chords. With six chords between them, they started playing music.  Each party they were attending together was preceded by a quick message “you bringing a guitar?”

This began the entertaining of friends at parties (whether they wanted to hear or not). Their good friend Chris Lawver, former drummer of metal band Black Cloud Syndrome, was looking for an opener for a BCS show and Ty’s wife, Mish, suggested that he and Kenny open the show. Chris thought it was a brilliant idea. It didn’t matter to him that they weren’t even a band or that these were two hicks opening a metal show. Details. What could possibly go wrong? They had a gig, but no name.

Several ideas were thrown around but eventually Kenny suggested TRUK, an acronym of their initials (Ty Richards Utley Kenneth). So TRUK was officially open for business. Print the shirts and letterhead. Well, for one show at least. After performing that one show for BCS, TRUK was asked to play again opening for Clark Manson, and then W.O Wrights asked them to host a weekly open mic.  From there the gigs kept coming from W.O. Wrights, The Tumbleweed Connection, Rip Rap Roadhouse and JD Legends, then opening for national acts: Chris Knight, Colt Ford, Cole Taylor, and Blind Joe (The Voice) and Alexis Gomez (Idol).

Late last year, TRUK had the good fortune to get local badass, Norm Lilly join their merry band as the entire rhythm department. They are currently working on their first CD due out later this year. TRUK has a loyal following of the best family, friends and fans anyone could ask for and none of this would be possible without their support. TRUK Yeah!

Band Members: Ty Richards, Kenny Utley, Norm Lilly


Music Bed (Intro/Outro) Small Town

Denim and Twang

Broke Down Again

Freedom at 55

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