IMG_9491Dulahan is a Dayton Ohio based group whose music is an original hybrid sound that fuses contemporary and traditional Celtic musical influences with subtle hints of Roots, Americana and Folk.

The result is a unique blend of creative songwriting and musical energy that connects across generations and musical genres. Dulahans recordings and live performances feature multi part vocal harmonies and layered acoustic instrumentation with varied combinations of fiddle , guitar , mandolin , flute, banjo, highland pipes and harmonica  .

Their music seamlessly flows from evocative ballads to driving grooves and everything in between, constantly stretching their boundaries but still maintaining the core sound they have established over the last 14 years. Dulahan regularly performs regionally and has recorded 7 CDs of all original compositions  and is currently  in the studio working on its 8th project scheduled for release in the summer of 2016 .


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Dulahan (Doo-la-hon) is an anomaly in Celtic music, displaying an unwavering commitment to the strength and message of their original Celtic music. They pay homage to the traditional music that their signature sound has evolved from but are proud to bring their fresh new music to the Celtic music scene.

The compositions of veteran singer-songwriter Kyle Aughe dominate the bands repertoire and are delivered with a passion and energy that fuses the multiple influences each of the 5 members brings to the table. The results are an exciting hybrid that is unmistakably rooted in the traditional Irish and Scottish sounds. This unique cross-pollination allows Dulahan to connect with fans of the traditional and the contemporary and draws new fans to Celtic music wherever their music is heard.

Dulahan’s music spans a variety of emotions from evocative songs of life, love and liberty to more lighthearted themes of mythical sea creatures, a first kiss or the occasional overindulgence at the local pub.

Featuring powerful 3 and 4 part vocal harmonies (all 5 members are singers) and a backing of predominantly traditional Celtic instrumentation, the band has continued to evolve and stretch the limits of its sound while maintaining its roots. Band founder Kyle Aughe and longtime member Mark Sandlin handle the acoustic stringed instruments (guitar, bouzouki, banjo, mandolin) with Dulahan veteran Leo Butler on whistles, flutes and pipes. In recent years Leo added the Electronic Tech Pipes, which allowed the band to incorporate more of the Scottish Highland and Border Pipe feel into their sound.

In 2009 Dulahan began to experiment with expanded percussion and in late 2010 percussionist Bart Cason came on board full time. His tasteful hand percussion work on Dulahan’s music added a subtle nuance to the ballads and mid tempo songs and a driving pulse to the up-tempo numbers.

The newest member of Dulahan, Tony Williams (piano and tenor vocals), joined the band in December 2010 and continues the evolution of the Dulahan sound. An experienced tenor harmony singer, Tony only furthers the Dulahan tradition of tight multi-part vocal arrangements. With his piano adding key textures, it brings an exciting, distinctive contemporary Cape Breton, Nova Scotian feel to the Dulahan sound.

While their original music remains the core of the Dulahan sound, the band loves to mix in classic pub favorites, sea shanties, ballads and rousing rebel songs.

Dulahan has performed at a variety of regional venues and events including Dayton Celtic Festival, Dublin Irish Festival, Cincinnati Celtic Festival, Riverfront Irish Festival, Springfield Irish Festival and the Shamrock Irish Festival. The band also appears at regional pubs including The Dublin Pub (Dayton), Byrnes Pub (Columbus), Molly Malone’s (Cincinnati), Flanagan’s Pub (Dayton), Logan’s Irish Pub (Findlay) The Claddagh (Mason) and Peachs (Yellow Springs).

Songs :

Mr. Pattersons John Boats

Bound For Wales

The Liffey

Come Back Molly Mack ( Music Bed)

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Recorded at Folio Design Haus at 411 East Fifth Street, Dayton, Ohio 45402