72751_114062401991805_1891654_n[1]Bourbon is our passion and we want it to become yours as well!  Of course we must carry other spirits but we are convinced that we can make a bourbon drinker from even the most discriminating of palettes. It’s kind of our mission.  We know a whole lot about Bourbon so don’t be afraid to ask a question.  If we don’t know the answer (which is highly unlikely), we will find out for you!

When you come by to see us, we think you will love the atmosphere.  No neon lights for us!  We have a beautiful cherry and stained glass back bar that was built in 1862 and we try to represent all things Bourbon!  Our tables are made from Four Roses bourbon barrels and the tops are stained the exact color of Makers 46. We are even installing a copper counter on the bar to represent the stills that Bourbon is distilled in.



10 S Jefferson St, Dayton, Ohio 45402