IMG_8618Born from soot and a flask of blood, 3 Piece Suit is the definition of hard working original Rock and Roll. Haunting Organ tones brought forth by Dylan Schartz, heavy electric guitar from Billy John and Barry Crabill with his thunderous drums make what is 3 Piece Suit. In the winter of 2011 all 3 members of the band found themselves unhappy with their current projects and were looking for a sound that has not been created to date.

Dylan Schartz (Nixon Now, Drive-Thu Tellers) picked up an old organ from a garage sale with his last $4.00 and found himself under the same roof as Billy John (Down Goes Hollywood, Redtone Sixes) ” The first note i heard out of that organ changed the way i felt about music. It changed everything!” said Billy john. Barry Crabill (The Glory-Game) had played music with Dylan in the past and was chosen without his knowledge to play drums, he later accepted.

After countless shows,radio interviews and recording sessions the band signed with Pulp Records in early 2013. After doing so, 3ps entered the studio to record their self-titled debut album with Bobby Leonard at Paper Tiger Studios in Columbus, Ohio. The Album consists of 14 original songs that have been described as “creative, catchy with a dark twist”. While the album was being mastered and pressed, Pulp Records called it quits as a label and left the band with a full length album to release on their own. Which they did so in the spring of 2014. They recorded their second album “creep’n in the van” in mid 2015. Been truckin ever since!

Intro/Outro: Creeping In The Van

  1. The Hunger
  2. N.E.S.
  3. Electric Sludge










Produced by Izzy Rock

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Recorded at Folio Design Haus at 411 East Fifth Street, Dayton, Ohio 45402